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Originally Posted by Gforrest2 View Post
I wonder if either of the H-F lifts will fit under our cars. They say the minimum height is 7" (with pads). The Greg Smith (Atlas) is 5 3/4". Also, H-F says it could take 5-17 weeks to get one. Still, the H-F with the 20% off is tempting - especially if my local store has one. I've got the H-F motorcycle lift for my Harley and say what you will about H-F quality, but it works great.
You would have to either recess the lift into the floor or build ramps out of 2 x lumber to clear the lift. I am going to purchase the Greg Smith lift and even at stock ride height a 993 or Boxster will not clear it.

Yes you are right, that HF lift is really a great deal right now.
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