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Boy, do I feel stupid. I never touched the LCDs at all. Made it a point not to...
I may pull it apart again sometime and take a closer look, but I don't think I'm going to today. I thought about hitting it was some real light heat from a blow dryer and see if that changes anything, but not sure. You can see in the last picture that I posted that the LCD is fine. I immediately put it back together and reinstalled it in the car, so something must've happened in between there...

I apologize that I can't be of more assistance. That type of ribbon cable on the LCD is probably soldered to the circuitboard...though I'm not sure. I've never had it that far apart before. In my earlier post about the LCD, I was thinking of the climate control unit which uses a different system of connections.

Looking at the bright side, I wanted a set of white clusters anyway, so I may be getting some new ones after all.

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