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This comes down to whether you want that "edge" over other Boxsters on the streets,even though you may seen only a handful a month. ALL Boxster are FUN,HANDLE WELL,HAVE SOME SPEED and are GREAT CARS. In 1998 the BASE Boxster was Named 'Automobile Magazine's' 1998 Automobile of the Year. The Boxster has been on the Top 10 Best of Car and Driver,guess how many times? SIX TIMES!!!!!. In 2000 the Boxster S was named on the top 10 of 2000. Any choice will be GREAT,its your choice. If resell is important to you,then the S is the way to go. If leaving some money for mods is important buy base and add your own personal touch to it.So whatever you buy its up to the driver to make what the car is.
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