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I mustered-up the courage to repair my SAI system… again. Armed with all the SAI parts in my arsenal, nothing was going to stop me now. Since I was going to dig-in this deep I was replacing all the SAI components.

First had to remove the rear deck cover, I have never removed this before.

With the deck lid out of the way it made it easier to access most areas topside of the motor.

Removed the throttle body, cross-over tubes, the oil fill tube, and the alternator, ripped-out the SAI cut-off valve and changeover valve and discovered this:

It was a broken vacuum line! #^%$^ %*^% @$#)!! The Teklan tube got brittle and broke between the changeover valve and the vacuum reservoir.

Here is a picture showing the location of the SAI components. See where I repositioned the changeover valve, this seem to be more natural position and took strain away from the feed line from the vacuum reservoir, plus now it will be easier to troubleshoot in the future.


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