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Question Did I pay the right price?

Hello everyone,

I finally took the plunge and bought myself a Boxster S. I got an '03 Seal Grey Met on Porsche Red with only 21k miles on it. Here are the options that came with the car:

Code Option Description
265 996: Self dimming interior rear view mirror with rain sensor
266 996: Exterior mirror dimming / heat
288 996: Light washers
288 Headlight washer
551 Air Deflector (Cabriolet)
601 Litronic Headlights
981 All leather lining
983 Leather seats front and rear
983 Leather seats front (NOT REAR)
C02 Equipped with catalytic converter

I paid about 35.2k in NJ. Did I get a good deal on it or no? Just curious to know. Thanks in advance!!! I've attached some pics below.
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