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Congrats, Rail! Your indoctrination is now complete.

I like a glass (2 max) after a big Italian dinner. It's fresh tasting, and clears the stuffed feeling. Don't know that I recommend drinking a lot of it, though. The alcohol and sugar mix will definitely pound your head with a 20 pound sledgehammer. (This from experience).

Sad story: My wife and I got some bright yellow t-shirts, went to a local sporting goods store and had "Boxster" and large "52" numerals put on the back. (The car's track number).
She then washed the shirts with NEW blue towels. The shirts came out puke green. This is grounds for divorce, I know, but she was sufficiently distraut that I released her on her own recognizance. And after 30 years, I'm kinda used to having her around. Two more yellow shirts on order.

Cin! Cin! (Bottums up!)
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