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Hey, sorry I took so long to respond I have been dealing with insurance and looking for that guy! A friend of mine actually witnessed the event from a ways away and said it was a white/silver F-150 Platinum Supercrew.... Too bad I live in Texas and everyone has a F-150. I found like 3 the first day I knew to look, but of course, every truck has damage on every corner already.
So, got a second quote - $3,300 - went through insurance. By blaming an uninsured motorist the premium is only $250 so it will take a few years to make a difference and my car will look goood when it's done.
I should have gotten them to write me a check and bought one of y'alls bumpers, but I got lazy and insurance took care of everything right away.
I'll try to post pics when it's fixed up!
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