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Been getting condensation on a more regular basis the past few weeks. Removed the bleeder valve today to check out the o-rings. Inner o-ring was just fine. The outer one however was deformed by the series of ribs that it sits up against in the valve body and had a small chunk taken out on one of the creases. Ordered some new o-rings online, 4x17 and 4x47 high temperature fluorocarbon. I believe those are the right sizes. The larger one in mine looks like it is just slightly too large, hence the deformation. The tank holds pressure just fine and shows no evidence of leaks underneath, so this appears to be the problem.

The bolts btw were easy to both remove and reinstall. I used a small nut driver to make sure that I was not cross-threading or over-tightening. It took a while to get the valve up however, tight fit.

Will report back once they arrive and are installed.

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