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Moved Boxxie safely indoors.
The worst was on late Monday afternoon when the wind was coming from the North-East. We have a huge tree in the front yard that was blown in the direction of our roof. Decided that was time to move the family to the ground floor. Luckily the only thing that happened was the tree shedding a big branch that landed in the front yard. At the same time several trees came down in our cross street cutting the power lines. We have had power all the time since we are close to a major feeding line. The people downstream were less lucky, they are still without power. On Halloween we were the only ones with lighted decorations!

All in all I think this was a very close shave. A finite number of trees came down, unfortunately some on top of cars and houses. Lots of people are still without power. Parts of the South shore were flooded. In a way Long Island was lucky still compared to the utter devastation of, for instance, Staten Island.
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