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Originally Posted by The Radium King View Post
first put on your ‘wishful advertising’ spectacles to try and see through all the vendor murk. next, notice that none of them show any gains, and some show losses, at lower rpms, and the benefits only start to appear at higher rpms.

and this is time I will never get back.
Indeed you should always be skeptical when taking in manufacturer's claims. That being said, one of my favorite quotes is there are lies, damned lies, and statistics. Your application should be catered to your driving habits, wants, and needs, so some folks want prefer higher end horsepower, and some lower end torque. Interestingly enough there's a graph of a guy who did a CAI and scoop to draw in more air. I don't thing there's any ulterior motive for this guy to fabricate his results, unless of course he was paid by kokeln, which I doubt.

In conclusion, there's merit in a less restrictive airflow, but some folks have different preferences in the power bands and torque ranges.

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