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Originally Posted by Bigsmoothlee View Post
By the way, did you just start driving stick?
Hey great response Bigsmoothlee, very helpful

So what do you do when you are rolling at 5-8 mph but not in first, maybe coasting in neutral maybe decelerating in 2nd??

BTW I have been driving stick shifts for over 35 years. Learned to drive on a stick shift. Never wore out a clutch or hurt an engine in 10 different manual cars. Are Porsches that fragile? I don't think so. You have to be smooth on the rpm up, not gun it, so as not to get the buck. Boxsters S is actually very smooth on this, I was surprised. Maybe it's because I know how to drive a manual.

BTW How long have you been driving a stick that this situation is so out of left field??
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