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Originally Posted by kk2002s View Post
I am tryng to get my technique worked out on the rolling 1st gear start. The 2-4 mph roll seems ok, just let the clutch out slow, rpm's match and just be gentle on the gas to get going. Its that 5 - 7/8 mph that is tough. I almost want use 2nd instead but that seems to low rpms 1000 - 1100. I do some rolling 2nd gears, already in 2nd and come up to clear at 4 way stops. I'll be 1000 -1100 range and just gentle it up to the next 4 way. Like to save a shift/clutch engage when ever I can. My previous stick car, 09 Nissan Xterra, could do an easy 2nd gear low speed, obviously more low end torque. Saved a lot of shifting around the neighborhoods and traffic. How are others dealing with that low speed shift.
Watch out as that technique of yours will end up getting you a ticket someday. I almost rolled slowly through a 4 way stop in a residential neighborhood only to look up the street and see a motorcycle cop watching for just such an infraction. I watched in my rear view mirror as he got the guy behind me. If I approach a stop light and it turns green when I'm still going 5-7 mph I usually use 2nd gear. Much smoother that way.
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