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Not knowing where your car was hit, it is hard to say if Allstate will cover the bent arm or not. If there is no physical damage in the area of the bent arm, I doubt that Allstate will cover it. Most likely, the shop damaged the arm raising or lowering the top... As I run a large collision center in NJ, my first thought would have been to try to have Allstate cover the damage first. If the insurance company doesnt get the opportunity to inspect the damage prior to it being repaired, you may get stuck with the bill. The repair shop should have at least contacted you and explained they were replacing the part and how much it would cost. If you approved the additional work with the understanding that the insurance company may or may not cover it then fine. It sounds like you didnt have a choice in the matter. Hopefully Allstate will cover it. If they dont, then either the shop should pay for the item that you didnt approve installing or as suggested remove it and re-install the damaged one for your to fix.

By the way, dont worry about the check engine light.. a misfire could be from sitting. The computer is quite sensitive and if the code is cleared with no further CEL, you should be fine.

Hope everything works out for you!

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