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O.K. I feel like the dumbest one in the room now. Anyone for a recess, I was always good at recess.

@Eric G - how does a rocket scientist ever become a road racer? You are way to smart for that! On the presentation, about the second or third slide from the end there was a graph model about larger size intake, and then CFD model showing a larger diameter tubing was called for…interesting that fluid would also serve helpful for mixing gases.

Here is the existing problem with airbox….it shows the piece that is removed is the the receiving end of the snork. It has a 3" x 4" opening….the larger oval part is 8" on bottom, 5" on top and 3.5" in height - that is the intake size the modded air filter uses….

Here is a pic of the "air path" that snakes around inside your Factory airbox…take a look! It is a little hard to see...

Same pic but the arrows highlight with the path the air has to take…

Here is where the filter resides, most of us know this part as we see it when we change the air filter…what you did not know was the "long road" the air is taking to get to your throttle, where it makes the power! Talk about the long way home…

This is where the air is compressed or "flatlined" as I call it. The hole next to the filter where the air flows over the air filer is coming out of is only 2" X 5"!! This SEVERLY RESTRICTS air flowing over the filter…and thusly into the engine.

Anyway, all I know is….I mod practically every car I have ever owned with an air intake. This one is no different, sorry to you die-hard stock fans.

At least now you know what I was referring to when I said airflow is like an "old river" it bends back upon itself….what a waste but it was most-likely done to reduce sound! Just thought YOU SHOULD KNOW
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