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Originally Posted by Ghostrider 310 View Post
I tried to google the theory of why the inlet is shaped that way, I didn't get far as I didn't know how to approach the subject too well. With the resume of the owner thread, someone on here must be able to explain whether that "trumpet" style inlet accelerates or shapes somehow the incoming air. I'd also like to know what the 987 intake is like as I haven't been in there to check the air filter yet.
There is an answer out there and it rests in the wonderful world of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as this allows for simulating the dispersion of air into a space. It can be a painful process to read if you are not familiar with the math that goes with it. However, as it is well known...if you have to say it with a 15 dollar word when a 3 dollar word would don't know your stuff.

I think you will find this paper from Yong Yi and Fluent Inc. is both a good read (easy) and informative.
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