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Originally Posted by Ghostrider 310 View Post
Homey, like my grandmother used to say "if you like it, I like it" no offense was intended. I did try numerous things with the 986, I think Mr Raby said in here that every dyno he did showed reduced performance with de snorkeling. The only mod I really felt from the driver's seat was headers & underpulley, that did give the car a nice little bump. Speaking only for myself, I will never mod my spyder, it's staying bone stock, it's plenty fast enough to go to jail with every trip.
Hey Ghosty,

My Grandma, rest her soul, taught me a thing or two too. Such as, "Comparing apples to apples"….aren't you rowing a 7 speed now? Don't know what you have under there. Wouldn't want to change it IF it was mine, newer AND cost that much. Don't blame ya.

Move along boys and girls, we KNEW there would be Ghosts out at this time of year... he-he (got to work in a Halloween joke)

Seriously, Headers & a UD pulley are on the list but this is about Cold Air….need to hear from those that have, "Been there, done that….and achieved happy results."

Not that yours and Jake's "vote" doesn't count! I hear what your sayin' but there ARE people out there that HAVE DONE THIS SUCCESSFULLY!

I can post a rudimentary modification that I did…costs under $75 for a conical air filter and Silicone adapter. The rest of the parts come out of the factory airbox. I don't like to "trumpet" my results but….

Re-use the trumpet piece, it has been ground down to a numb! Just needed the screen and part of the housing-about an inch to fit the adapter. Then, re-using the MAF section* (which needs to be carefully extracted-didn't say you did not have to be careful-I just said it was inexpensive).

For sure it will straighten out the airflow. Does that mean more horses…I say, "Yes!" Butt dyno results say YES! But, let's see how much!

Anyone got a REAL DYNO in Dallas?

We can do the mod on KennyBoxster (hopefully that's O.K. with him) and see the difference between bone stock and Stage 1, like I have now (just a filter, screen, and MAF with stock throttle body connector), and stage 2 - which is drying (so don't speak too loudly or you might wake it up). I will post a pic soon. You up for it Kenny?

* No warranty expressed or implied. Do this modification at your risk. And IF you decide to do this, for goodness sake, disconnect the battery BEFORE touching the MAF!
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