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Hi All,
I understand opinions vary…de-snorking is a good first step, but, have you seen inside your airbox? It looks like an "old river" winding back and forth! It goes larger, smaller, larger, etc. the tube size is NOT consistent either! For those people who want their car stock…this thread is not for you!

I don't care IF it is stock or not, just that it runs better! It is natural for you to not believe me. But BEFORE YOU ARGUE, prove it to yourself….take out the air filter AND LOOK WHERE THE AIR GOES! It has to go a 'country mile' before it ever gets to your engine! Once it comes in COLD from the outside, the airbox does a 180 degree bend and BEFORE it goes through the air filter! 180 degrees!

Truly COLD AIR, air pooling, air turbulence and air volume are the most important. The Factory design is great for sound reduction and noise at the intake, not power! Ever see a race car with a long, crooked intake? Nope.

Also, by placing the MAF closer to the Throttle Body you achieve MORE ACCURATE readings of the ACTUAL AIRFLOW-DIRECTLY BEFORE it goes into the engine. This was not something I made up. Many people with a multitude of vehicles have tested this. I am determining the best placement as we speak.

@Ghost, I KNOW the claim is hard to believe. However, I DO KNOW it has woken up my car and I am just running with semi-cold air at this point. It could be me testing it harder and harder but the tach does get pegged a lot quicker! Check it out before you dismiss it, that's all I am saying.

Yes @Eric G, (love your instructables), but while it is 'theoretically' a cold air system….the plastic used "warms" the air up! Have you touched the intake tube after a hard run? Warm, not cold. Silicone is much better as it does not transmit as much 'thermal' or conductive heat. The more air resistance too, the more heat is generated.

Again, while the design of your air flow is to use cold air….the longer the straw, the more resistance. Common physics. For those doubters, before you spam me about this….check it firsthand! LOOK at your OWN AIRBOX!

Further, as you increase the volume of air (to a point-that point being the MAFs ability to adjust) you get more power. Period. I don't see how anyone can dispute that, and honestly if you do, to each their own…we can still be friends! I am only trying to provide information to folks who may want it.

I have spoken with several people who have made their own intake systems. There are a BUNCH out there and there are many options, each claiming to be better than stock (even a bad design would be)! The problem seems to be that they all use this 3" plastic hose portion from the MAF to the Throttle body, and it has a "lagoon" and an accordion in that piece too! Air needs to be directed gentlemen. Therein lies your answer.

If your stock system suits you, great!

If not, tell me about it as I have learned form everyone who has ever built one of these systems….that is what this thread is about! Learning!

And where is a good engineer when you need one? BUT I want to hear from people who have ACTUALLY INSTALLED A COLD AIR INTAKE…come on, I KNOW you are out there! Sound off!
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