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Who's In The Cold Air Intake Club and What Do Ya Got?

I saw the De-Snork club and wondered how many have REALLY UNLOCKED the POWER of their car WITH A COLD AIR INTAKE and what type of system do you have?

I'll start. I am a new member of the Cold Air Intake Club. My CAI is still being tested for optimum efficiency. It is comprised of a HUGE 6" X 11" conical air filter, with silicone hoses and stock MAF piece, with a screen for now. The intake is 4" at the start and ends up at 3" for the MAF and Throttle Body, they have BOTH been relocated CLOSER to Throttle Body.

I must say the Butt Dyno is on overload! This thing is scary fast now. I am almost not sure why there are not kits out there that have done this.

From doing research on this…some of our members have pretty COOL AIR INTAKES, pun intended….so let's hear about yours! Anyone modify theirs yet? I will show you mine soon, but let's see yours now!
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