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Originally Posted by kjc2050 View Post
Hmm... I looked at both the LN Engineering site and the Pelican Parts article about the IMS. I'm just crazy enough to try something like this, but that said, can't imagine doing it with the car on jack stands. And I don't have access to a lift. Thoughts??
Whoaa there big fella! Easy now. Try a few 'minor' mods first. Test the water - don't jump in or you shrink up from it!


...changing the oil (are there ANY metal bits in it?)
…changing a motor mount
...change the spark plugs
…change the transmission fluid

in other words, get USED TO the car FIRST! There are a lot of things and ways of doing things on this vehicle that you may not understand, at first. Take you time…unless you here it ticking like a bomb!
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