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Originally Posted by kjc2050 View Post
Ghost: at first I didn't quite understand your post. You live in NY at present... but at some point you had an issue with Porsche of Omaha? Just want to clarify.
My local dealer salesman ignored multiple requests to find the car I wanted so I went national myself. I purchased from Park Place in Texas, they were very good to me. Omaha did what a boat dealer once did to me, went for the guy with the larger offer after they had accepted mine. There is very little honor in a lot of these places, they know the likelihood of a guy in NY buying from them again is nil, so in picking someone to %&*, they decided to go for the out of state customer. I don't know exactly what happened to their deal, but like Keysguy, they came back tail in between legs asking to re- consummate the deal. It never occured to me to waste their time in punishment as keys did, however, I did enjoy telling them I bought another one and they were SOL. The Pcar dealer in Omaha should send their staff to Omaha steaks, they could learn a lot about how to treat customers and provide an outstanding purchasing experience.

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