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Originally Posted by pothole View Post
I think driving style matters more than driving conditions. Looking after the clutch from a standing start obviously helps, but I think rev-matched downshifts are what really keeps the clutch going.

I bought my 2.5 with a very heavy clutch on 75k miles. People who know these cars and drove it said "yup, that's going to need a new clutch any day now". Well, here we are two and half years later and it's on 110k on the same clutch. I drive it like I stole it. It's very hilly where I live. But I rev match every down shift.
I'm with you pothole! I am not leaving my clutch at the line but I will certainly downshift to remain able to control the car AT ALL TIMES, in case anything happens. I have seen people take it out of gear…and then float along. While it may seem like it you are conserving something, you are not thinking with your dipstick…it IS a dangerous world out there. This car is aided by being able to "steer from the rear" and by not using the proper gear, AT ALL TIMES, you are leaving yourself open IF/WHEN someone darts out and you're done!

Or….at the VERY LEAST your lap times will suffer!
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