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Originally Posted by Ghostrider 310 View Post
No downshifts are better yet, brake linings are cheap, synchronizers are not, downshifting may be fun but it's a lousy way to scrub off speed unless one cares nothing about repairs.
Dad, is that you??

Truer words were never spoken, first time I've heard it here though. Clutches are expensive and make for crappy brakes. Brakes are are cheap and make for, well, great brakes. You're also giving your throwout bearing a work out every time you ride and slide the clutch. And Though these are strong gearboxes, your not doing your synchros and gears any good whipsawing them back and forth every 50 yrds.

Ideally, off the clutch, throwout, gears as much as possible around town (with out dogging the motor.) Pretend there all made of Chrystal. Save it for the track.

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