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Body shop issue

Ok, I could be premature on this one, but...After hearing from the shop yesturday(I was about to go and pick up the car) they said at the last minute they found that the top light was on and the check engine light.
None have ever been on before nor right after the incadent(top was closed at that time). Also, engine still ran perfectly.
The shop brought it to the Porsche dealership here in Fort Worth. The checked and cleared the code. Said it was a misfire. Has not repeated, runs fine and no check engine light. Was told maybe becuse it's been sitting for 4 weeks, hmmm I guess it is remotely possable but I don't buy it. Nothing wrong any more so ok.
As for the top, the dealer said the arm on the right side was bent and must be replaced.
Today I hear form the body shop and they said that Porsche had all ready changed the arm and that they had the car back. The shop talked to Allstate and they are going to send an adjuster out to decide if their going to pay for it.
So, the work was done before Allstate aproved it. I'm thinking I could get stuck with that bill.
Here is my thoughts. The shop said maybe when the shock bottomed out from the impact on the right side it bent the arm. I'm not seeing that as possable from how I recall things are conected. If their was no body or frame or structer damage as the shop claims then I'm not seeing how that arm got bent. I think one of their workers bent it thats what I think. Also, if it came down to it I never would have paid Porsche to change that arm. I would have done it myself. Have a hard time throwing money away when I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself.
So, the question is if Allstate will not aprove it(cuse the deam it was not from the wreak) what is a good way to argue with the shop that I'm not going to pay the extra cost(I don't even know how much it is, lol)??
So far Allstate has paid over $6000 and me $250(my deductable).

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