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Originally Posted by Ghostrider 310 View Post
scuse my French but eff them! They accepted an offer from me then sold the car out from under me before we exchanged funds on a date both of us agreed upon. THEN two weeks after I had my Spyder they called me to ask to reconstitute the deal as the guy they negotiatied with didn't like it, every now and then someone gets their just desserts.
@kjc2050 - Do the IMS yourself…or the Ghost will get'cha!

Seriously, if you are somewhat mechanically inclinated(?), even if you cannot spell, you can most-likely do the job AFTER A FEW MINOR REPAIRS, to get you started! It is good THERAPY! Besides, I know a guy you had trouble cleaning a throttle body that was able to do a clutch…just by following instructions! WE ARE THAT GOOD (at instructions).

+K Ghost, on the dealer getting their desert eaten on their own greed sandwhich! Have you stopped by to show 'em YOUR NEW ride now? An' tell them how you could have been ghost-less for Halloween! All right it was a bad pun…but it's the thought that counts, right? Besides, they WOULD NOT LIKE IT and isn't that what makes the holiday 'special'?
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