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Originally Posted by jb92563 View Post
Haaa, thats funny.

We could start a new thread...."video- Cars trying to hang with a Boxster in the twisties"

I still have to install my rear camera to my double DIN. Is there a way you can hook it up to record?
Hi jb92563,

You can do it two ways, I believe:

1). Hook backup camera to the video in on your head unit and then you can use video out to send to a portable digital video camera (or a GoPro - if you have one). My portable video camera, not a GoPro, will take signal via USB or VCR-type cable.

2). If you do NOT have video out, since that is a relatively new thing to OUTPUT a signal from the head unit, you can run the backup camera (which uses standard video cable, like for your DVD at home - hopefully you used shielding or a filter in the car since you HAVE to ROUTE the cables over or around the engine) to a splitter under your unit and connect up to the Head unit AND a stand alone video camera as a line in.

….you could always ask JD….the "dangerous crowd" has had this for years I'm guessing! You just don't hear about it….until you end up on YouTube!
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