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Congrats on your new baby! I know it is bad weather in Nebraska right now so I don't want to rain on your parade but…..did you get a look at the Durametric info (or a PPI) BEFORE you bought?

From personal experience I can tell you that a car CAN LOOK well taken care of but until you see what abuse the engine has seen, or how the drivers drove the car….you really do not know what you are buying. If it turns up good…you got a smokin' deal, just don't want your dreams to go up in smoke!

While records ARE a good indication of the POs aptitude, you may not know if it was raced, redlined, etc. Anyone can make a penny look good BEFORE they give it to you. The point is to KNOW what your penny has been through….only then will you know how many pennies you will end up spending, grasshopper. All our cars NEED SOMETHING DONE, that is the nature of the beast.

Most vehicles with that low of mileage, a.k.a. "Garage Queen", have hidden SNAFUs such as an IMS but don't worry - you have a ton of mileage you can RACK UP FOR FREE! Fix it, drive it, enjoy the sunny days - they aren't making any more of them!

Welcome to the club! You are in the right place for everything-and then some-about your car, best to search first, as there is a lot of info here. Congrats again on your purchase!
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