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Originally Posted by Johnny Danger View Post
By the way, it looks like you have more than just bumper damage going there .

I strongly agree with Mr. Dangers assumption. It may be very possible that you also have a dented radiator or A/C condenser. It may have also bent the bracket that those two rest on.

However; as far as fit and finish for bumpers goes, there is one rule that I've learned the hard way "You get what you pay for"... Sadly if you buy a $500 bumper it probably will not fit as well as a $2000 bumper.

That being said, primed, Genuine Porsche front bumpers retail at $994.76. So at $700 the bumper you are looking at probably isn't terrible. But following Johnny's list could possibly save you tons of money in the long run.

I also can't stress enough that you should always test fit a bumper before you get it painted.
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