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New Front Bumper

So, some A-hole backed into my car and didn't leave a note. The first estimate is for $1,400 for the damage so I'm not positive if I will go through insurance to fix the damage. If I end up paying for it myself (I would have to pay $1000 deductible anyway) I was thinking about ordering an aftermarket GT3 front bumper to replace it and then just pay for the other repairs and have a professional install/paint it. Hopefully I can have insurance pay for some without my rates going up, but if not - does anyone have a recommendation of a good aftermarket front bumper to update the look of my boxster a little bit?
I have my eye on this one, but I would much prefer one that I know will fit perfectly

97-04 Boxster (986) GT-3 Look Front Bumper with Lip (will not fit turbo models)
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