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Originally Posted by tony_fury View Post
The previous owners provided all the dealer receipts in a legal folder..
Car Fax matched the majority of the dealer receipts..
The car reached a point where the owners quit taking it to the dealers.. Looking at the prices, I can see why. However I did see them get a tune up from one Indy, he replaced 6 plugs and 5 coils.. less than a month later 6 more plugs, and guess what, 1 more coil..
I'm doing the same by keeping the receipts..

Car Fax may help...
thats the thing with mine i bought it at a dodge dealership and they had no previous owner receipts for anything, but the car fax does show services by one porsche dealer almost exclusively and thats where i took it for a prepurchase inspection-also the maintainance book had been stamped showing service at 30,60 and 75,000 miles but there are some holes in the history, im mostly interested in the spark plugs,clutch, RMS and fluids,
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