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Winter Tire Widths

OK.. so I've found a place that's got a good price on Michelin Pilot Alpin winters with rims ($2200CDN +tax installed). But.. they are quoting me on 265/35-18 for the rear and 235/40-18 for the front -- which is exactly the same spec as my summer tires.

I've always read that it's better to have narrower tires in the winter for more pressure at the contact patch. TireRack specs out Continental ContiWinterContact tires with 235/50VR17 for the rear and 205/55VR17 for the front.

Is there any real difference here? Should I ask my supplier for the narrower wheels? If he doesn't have them should I wait or just get what he's quoting me? Do the 17/18" rims make any difference re: safety/performance in the winter?

Also, opinions on the Michelin tires is appreciated.

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