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Originally Posted by MN 986 View Post
Hey Whip -
Do the Akebono Euro Ceramic (EUR737 from Tire Rack) pads accept the OEM brake sensors? I need pads soon and have been looking at these. I want good braking, but I don't track the car. I also want less brake dust if possible.
The EUR737 I got did not have sensor holes, it's interesting all the other sets I have bought did. Not a concern for me because I'm always inspecting my car. The front brakes I put on my 2000 'S' were EUR776, if I look on the Akebono site they are for 911 from 2000 to 2004, it says a EUR917 is for the 2000 'S'. I'm guessing the same thing is in the box. For a 986 Base it says EUR737 front and EUR738 rear.

Trust me you'll love them, the braking is smooth, quiet, dust does not show nearly as much. This is just my view, I'm not affiliated with them, just an anal IT guy that loves to clean his wheels and not see them all dusty after 20 miles.
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