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These are front wheels on the 2007, rims are only 8000 miles old. The round trip with stops in Black Mountain for some fun twisty driving with a friend is 335 miles. To enjoy the trip I take twisty back roads for 3/4 of the trip. Correct highway driving produces very little that's why it is nice to do this much driving with a lot of braking and arrive home with wheels still looking nice. I have noticed the dust that is there is of a very clear nature, I assumed this was because they are the Akebono Euro Ceramic (EUR737 from Tire Rack), there still seems to be less. Are there studies that show dust whether light or dark is directly proportional to the effectiveness of a brake? Squirrel and Deer avoidance all within two miles of each other (just my luck) the brakes still worked like a good Boxster's brakes should...of course even at 80% they are better then most. Lug nuts have been painted, posted on it recently, ya I really like it, nice clean look. I'll see what I can find in Hawk for the rears. It seems folks comment a lot that they hate the 'visible' dust, since I'm a clean freak I thought those who are the same might like to see my experience with 3 cars using these pads. I've not noticed any loss in emergency braking, I do not track so I would have no idea how well they work there. I remember years ago I was skeptical about putting them on my E350 but after I did it I was so happy. Cheers.
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