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Three days at Heartland Park Topeka

This last weekend was Fall Funfast weekend at HPT....a DE. Instructors get "paid" by getting a free open day on Friday. Fun Fun. Off I went expecting Saturday to be rainy (which it was). Got there around 1030, unloaded, said hi to some friends, including my mechanic, Karl, and hit the track. I took a couple of warm up laps (mainly for me since I had driven 75 miles to the track), and then hit it coming off #14.

All was great until going up the hill from 6 to 7. A GT3 was coming up behind me, needless to say rather quickly, so I was keeping an eye on the miror to point him by. Suddenly.... POOOOOOOFFFFFF...a HUGE cloud of smoke comes out the back of the Box. No apparent issues with driving but dammmmm...scary as hell. Slowed down and pitted. Coming into the garage area up the hill off the hot pit lane it started bellowing smoke constantly!! BIG TIME! I was killing mosqitoes all over the county. Geeeezzz I've never seen such a cloud of smoke before. Got out, took off my helmet and saw Karl strolling up to the garage area. I start to tell him what happened and he said..."I watched the whole thing. I already placed an order for the part and sent my wife to go pick it up." WHAT? You haven't even looked at the car yet I said.'s the AOS he says. Almost can't be anythings else since it's still running. Rolled it into the garage area and he unmounted the about 25 minutes btw (would have been less had he had his long handled hose clamp pliers lol) . About five gallons of oil came out of the AOS...ok ok it wasn't that much but it was a lot.

Next morning we (he) installed the new one and change. DAMMMMM...25 minutes later it's still smoking like crazy. Karl strokes his chin and says..hmmmm you probably ate an oil ring and the engine's toast! WHAT? geezz. Yep, these things usually clear up in 3-4 minutes at most. He says to run it around the paddock and see what happens, it can't hurt's either fixed or not...if it's not fixed, running it won't do any more damage than's already been done! Not a good prognosis to say the least. BUT...after another 10 minutes it starts to clear and finally, after another 10 minutes, it was clear. whew.. The three guys who were in a bidding war to get my car to turn into a spec racer were really disappointed! LOL. Seriously though, there must have been 30 guys come up and offer to help however they, parts runs, whatever we needed they offered to help. Porsche guys are great aren't they!!!

Rest of weekend was uneventful..other than the damm rain which canceled most of Saturday's runs. You couldn't see 10 ft in front of you and there were deeeeeepppp puddles on the track. oh well. Sunday was perfect. I have some video of Sunday that I'll link to as soon as I figure out how to get it on the net.

Sorry this was so long but you can't believe the emotional ups and downs I went through with all this. I was worn out when I got home...and not from driving. student listened to me!! success! LOL

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