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Originally Posted by tony_fury View Post
For those looking for a cup holder replacement.
BMW Cup Holders, Porsche Cup Holders, Ultimate Cup Holder - Cupholders / Drink Holders for BMW 3 5 7 Series, Boxster 911 Z4 Mercedes Audi NSX other fine cars.
A little pricey at $25 but work great and doesn't interfere with your leg.


We think alike, except I'm cheap! I found a set of 4 plastic cup holders at WalMart for $3. It took me one cup holder to know how to bend it right. Now I have an extra!

Easy Peasy! You lop the top 3" off, heat slightly and bend about 2" down in a "U" and insert between the console pieces on the floor! Easy mod but best NOT to put on driver's side…accelerator leg hit the top of the cup, and, although it did not fall - I DID get my leg wet! Not in a good way!

Past that, the thing has been "race tested" on the street and it does NOT fall! I use GIANT cups - NOT wimbly-wambly drinks b/c I am shopping houses for hours on end!

My $.02 - chunk the stock cr@p or put it on ebay, install the $3 fix and you can thank me later or send me a percentage of what you saved! And you can still enjoy your BIG GULP!

Here's a pic (cupholder on the right under that Christmas-colored cup).

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