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Stick time in a 2012 Panamera 4

So my impressions are that the cockpit is a very nice place to sit.
As for the driving, first surprise is that while I expected that my 02 986S feel quicker, I was surprised by just how much. While the new Panamera will get out of its own way, it definitely does not demonstrate the sense of urgency that I expected. No matter how well set up, with only a ~45hp advantage, the 1200lb weight penalty is felt in a big way.

On handling, the story is different, while certainly not a tossable as a Boxster, the car is very well planted and feel much smaller and lighter than it actually is.

PDK- my first experience with a PDK equipped car. Perhaps it would grow on me, but I did not see a huge difference in feel between it an a Tip in terms of feel. It works well. It will hold gears longer in auto mode as well as shift quickly in manual mode. Down shifts are very smooth and matches RPMs well. It's a bit better than other "manumatics", but far from revolutionary in my humble opinion.

All in all, this car seems to have a personality disorder. It's not really a sports car and while it's reasonably spacious, its not cavernous. It does not really excel in any one area. The S550 it replaces was a much more purpose built machine.
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