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Little brake dust after 335 mile trip...

I replaced the front pads on my 2007 Base with Akebono pads and couldn't be happier. I have them on the front of my 2000 'S' also and had used them on my Benz on all four wheels with low dust success too.

I drove to Asheville NC from Charlotte this weekend and here is how clean the rims were after the trip, just a small buildup at the lip where the inside of the rim meets the exterior part. With the original pads (probably a TMD brand Mintex/Textar/Parig) I would have this much dust in 15 miles. The Akebono are very quiet and feel much 'smoother' on firm braking.

I've not been able to find rear pads for either the 2000 'S' or the 2007. Does anyone know of a pad I can use on the rear that will be as dust free? Thanks!

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