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Originally Posted by Ghostrider 310 View Post

(legal disclaimer * this post is a joke and meant only for humorous reasons, had it been an actual emergency you would have been directed to a CD shelter)
@Ghostrider 310 - Wow Ghost that was more legal than actual postage! Starting to look like an NFL disclaimer! I understand why but it should be -
Please note: this was an another attempt at humor and had it been an actual emergency you would have been directed to take a joke!

Meanwhile, if I had the chance to buy a Box all over again…I would have gotten it CHEAPER because I now know all the problems it has! And I would have gotten a PPI while I was in Cali! They did the PPI in CA while I was in TX. Had to know IF it was WORTH the trip….long story short….it was! But without me there, of course they are not going to check everything!

Then, I changed the stereo first and should put on exhaust instead. Thanks for pointing that out @Tony!

A black interior still gets sizzling in the sum, sum, summertime in the South! At least Porsche could have used TEFLON on the seats so you DO NOT STICK, especially in 100+ degree days!
2002 Porsche Boxtser S - Silver & Chrome - Died from IMS failure AFTER IMS was replaced!
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