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Originally Posted by recycledsixtie View Post
over again what would u have done differently? I am perfectly happy with my 2001 Boxster base except the color - namely black. Can't keep it clean. Spend too many $$$ in the wand wash. Any regrets with yours about anything?
My first mod on the car was removing and upgrading the stereo. (Music nut)
My second mod was the Top Speed cat back exhaust, had I put the exhaust on first, I could of saved some bucks on the stereo mod.
I now find myself not turning the stereo on, I rather listen to the exhaust..

Want to trade your 2001 base black for my 2001 base silver?
All my vehicles are black including my motorcycle..
Black and chrome is the bomb.. Yes, it must be kept clean..

Joking on the trade of course.., my car is running like a top and cannot see parting with it..

I have one last mod sitting here in the garage. New rotors and pads. Red calipers are in the forecast with the upgrade.

previous owner left several door dings on both sides of the car..
but hey, the car is 11 years old and running like a striped ass ape..

2001 Boxster - Arctic Silver Metallic
RMS, IMS, 87.5K
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