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Surf City Garage has some nice stuff. I use their tire dressing. Nice dark matter finish.

Advanced Auto Parts now stocks Griot's on the shelf. No need to pay for maill order.
And they recently had a 33% sale. Just got another for 15% for October. That makes it a win win. No shipping and you get sales tax waved essentially.

I'm using Griots sealant. This is the first time I ever really bothered with a sealant. Usually my car is garage kept and I detail it regularly so the extra protection is overkill. But now my car is parked outdoors much more often so I gave teh Griots a shot. Pretty good, covers up some swirling and leaves a typically nice shine. I applied it in the evening and removed it early the next morning. I give it a once over with the Griots Carnauba Wax spray which I picked up by the gallon during the last sale. Works out to about $6 a spray bottle for a first rate brand. The typical over the counter brands are nearly $18 for one of their spray bottles.

For warding off dust try Finish Kare 425 spray from Leaves a teflon like coating. They call it anti-static polymer spray. A must have for dark colored cars especially.
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