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Advice on 2000 Boxster S - purchase price

Would appreciate any help you can offer on price - or general advice.

Looking to purchase my first Porsche. I've always admired the Boxster, and am ready to take the plunge. Found a '00 S on eBay, 25K miles, outstanding condition.

25K miles, owner has full Carfax report and full vehicle history, looks very clean. He is, however, the 3rd owner. 12 years, 25K miles. Apparently all 3 owners treated the car as a sunny day weekend toy.

No oil leaks. Air flow sensor and a wheel bearing have been replaced. Top is in great condition and window is clear. Buy It Now price is $18,300, which seems high to me. NADA does NOT reflect the car's Sport Pkg or Sport wheels, and has the value at $16,375.

I have NOT seen the car in person, but the owner's emails are well written and professional; my instinct tells me he's a good guy. If we can agree on a price, I'll visit him on Sunday with a bank check in hand.

It's October, however, and I live in Nebraska. (!) One of my first acts with the car will be to put it in storage. Sigh. From my perspective, I should pay what the car would be worth next spring.

My view is that the car is worth a bit under $16K. An opening offer would be in the 15.5 range. But, I'm a noob. I wonder what others think, and what advice you'd offer.

The car, by the way, had an alignment and oil change about a month ago.

Please let me know what you think.... thanks for your help.

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