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Found cause of noise....What exactly is this part?

I did the control arm repair about 2-3 weeks ago on my boxster and it worked wonders for my suspension noises. However since then I replaced my horns and had new front tires mounted and balanced along with an alignment. A few days ago I started noticing a clicking noise with every tire rotation and it drove me nuts. I examined everything on the car...or so I thought.

Tonight I isolated the noise to the right side and found that a cable which was secured (with a zip tie) to the control arm I did the repair on was rubbing the tire/rim. Obviously after a few weeks and a few hundred miles the rubber on that cable wore away and the metal inside began rubbing on the rim.

I'm going to secure it out of the way before I drive anywhere else and damage it further ....but what is that cable for? I believe it's leading to the brakes but haven't checked it out. Was it possible that I damaged something serious or can I wrap it up with some electrical tape and call it a day after I move it.

Here is a pic I found online of the cable I'm talkin about (not my car) -

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