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Thank you Chaps (I apologise to any Ladies for making the assumption that you are Guys)

I guess it's time to apply a layer of "man up" cream!

It's funny. I spent Years dreaming of owning a Porsche and the past Two weeks regretting my purchase. I suppose that should just get on with it.

I told you I was Silly!

Your advice has given me comfort and confidence to start enjoying the motor. Cheers.

In regards to the suspension issue. I'm not really sure how to explain it but here goes. Before the car has warmed up or been driven on the Motorway (Highway) there is no problem. After about 30 mins and If I then hit the small roads, even at low speed, there is a definite noticeable degradation in the ride quality. Each time the car ( or should I say the rear end of the car) goes over a bump, manhole or joint in the pavement ther is a noticeable bang from the left rear of the car each time the suspension is compressed. My solution thus far is to turn up the stereo but I am sure that this is not a permanent solution!!

Once again thanks for all your support.

Kindest regards

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