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OK goes nothing.

Having never owned a performance car before. Should I try and drive it whilst keeping the RPM's down in an attempt to promote engine longevity? Ever mindful of the much discussed IMS issue. I really stretched myself budget wise to buy the Porker and do not want to have to spend a fortune in repairs. I do want to enjoy the car but having only ever driven family type cars till now. I am not sure what constitutes engine abuse! Is it really OK to wait until 3000 RPM until changing gear?

When I drive the car as I do (like an old lady) I find that changing gear can be somewhat "clunky". I must admit that, on the odd occasion that I have let the engine rev a bit higher that this problem disappears. Do you think that that I am driving the car wrong?

Also, after I have driven the car for a while I have noticed that I get a harsh sounding "knock" from the passengers side rear ( remember that the passengers sit on the wrong side of the car over here) when going over rough roads or sleeping policemen.

Mark T
Sorry fella, I do not have an owners manual ( apparently these always go missing due to the lack of a glove compartment in early models and they get lost in the house) don't flame me please. I don't think that I handle the pressure of new Porsche ownership, not knowing what I'm doing coupled with a grilling from you mate.

Thanks mate. Much obliged. Will PM you if you don't mind.

I need to figure out how to upload pics from an I Pad

Cheers guys

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