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Transmission Rebuild?

Okay here we go!!

To make a long story short, my previous owner failed to inform me that my 2nd gear synchro is failing. Here we are 6 months later, just becoming more and more frustrated that I look like that guy that can't drive his sports car... It MUST be the transmission

Haha well here we go.

Its a 2002 Boxster S... I work at a German Auto Shop so I can get parts for it without fail. After contemplating rebuilding it myself I decided I should start by pricing out parts. With all parts including all seals, bearings, 1st-6th & Reverse syncrhos, and 2nd gear. It came to a grand total of just over $2,500...

Calling around to "local" porsche wrecking yards (in SF area), Parts Heaven as an example, they all seem to sell used transmissions for $3500-$4500. Of course with a limited warranty.

Calling the dealer they want $8000 for a factory rebuild (Which i get 20% off for wholesale); Which is definitely NOT and option lol

So here we come to my questions!

1. Are there special tools required, like there is in 911 transmission rebuilds?

2. Could I get away with just replacing 2nd gear and it's synchros, plus of course all seals? (Of course I would also visually inspect everything and replace the obviously worn parts.)

3. Are there any guides that I just can't seem to find? It seems pelican parts doesn't have one, my Bentley book doesn't have one, and even searching forums I cant seem to find one. Any help?

4. Has anyone done this before? Tips/ tricks?

All help is greatly appriciated

Thanks guys!
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