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Originally Posted by mikehkang View Post
I have basically the same floor jack except mine is not a rapid pump.
I had the jack for over two years now and it leaked oil for the first time about a month ago. I replaced the oil and it seems to be fine for now.

When I thought I had to get a new jack, I did some research. Every single aluminum floor jack I looked at, regardless of the "name" on the jack label was made in China. I am almost certain that all aluminum jacks from China are made by Torin.

If you go to HF store, look at the jack label and see if you can find a phone number on the label for service. Call to verify if the number connects you to Torin. If so, you can get replacement parts for the jack WHEN it goes bad.

Many people will tell you that a jack is a throw away tool now days. Considering how inexpensive they are, that may be true. However, it appears that if you buy a Torin jack, you might be able to get the parts.

In most cases the things that wear out (like seals and o-rings) can be bought locally or through companies like Mid-Atlantic rubber
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