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Those pads look to be >50% all the way around. My WAG would be that your ~60% on the front and ~80% on the back.

Thanks for the vid!

BTW, not that it matters, but there's no need to loosen the lugs in opposing pairs as is the case when tightening. Also, the standard Porsche jack can be a knuckle buster (don't ask how I know). The best way I've found to use it is to hold the outer handle firmly in place so that it is perfectly (as close as possible) aligned with the jack drive. Allowing as little movement as possible about the X and Y axis rotate the inner handle around the outer (like it's orbiting). This will help to avoid bloody knuckles and will transmit the most energy to the jack. Man, I've had way too many flats... If you going to do more DIY, look into an inexpensive hydraulic floor jack. Save you compact jack for when you really need it!

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