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turn signal switch replacement

I have a 2000 Boxster and recently discovered that while the high-beam flash functions properly, the high beam 'on' position does not work. I plan on removing the switch to see if saturating it with some electrical contact spray will correct the problem (as recommended in another thread); if no,t I will order another switch. Although others have suggested that a faulty ignition switch can also cause this problem, I have no other electrical faults and therefore am assuming that it is the turn signal/high beam switch that is responsible.

I will need to remove the plastic steering column cover in order to access the switch and would like some advice as to how to go about this. When one turns the steering wheel, screws are visible at the front of the cover - again, I assume that these are all that is required to be removed in order to pop off the upper and lower covers. Advice from those with experience would be appreciated.


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