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Departed from about I-110 and US-90 in Biloxi, right along the Gulf Coast. Drove out West along US-90. Looking much better since Katrina.

I was out here the week before Katrina. Luckily, I was able to depart right before the storm hit. The area was devestated, to say the least. Those large floating barge casinos were washed miles down the road, and several hundred yards up onto land!

A year later, I find myself back in Biloxi. I decide to take a drive around to see how well the place recovered over the past year. Businesses and homes up and down US-90 were just gone. Nothing left but foundations. A YEAR LATER! Some of the lots just had a pile of bricks stacked up. Some in nice neat stacks. Some just a large pile.

Four years after Katrina, I'm back in Biloxi again. MUCH better. Lots of new businesses. Lots of businesses rebuilt. Quite a few beautiful homes built, this time on stilts.

Now, seven years after Katrina, this place looks awesome. So, back to my story...

Took a drive from Biloxi, at about there the Beau Rivage is, and drove westbound along US-90. Nice and slow, top down, high 80F degrees, mostly clear skies. Went all the way across to Bay St. Louis. Used to be one of my favorite spots to grab some wings and a beer or two. Used to have a nice place called the Firedog Saloon. Katrina left nothing but the walls standing. Everything else gone. And, that was on the land side of the road. All the buildings on the bay side was completely gone. So today, driving down that road, hoping to see the Firedog rebuilt, I found an empty lot. Oh well. However, a few new restaurants and pubs opened up in the surrounding lots. Looks very nice! I didn't have time to stop. Maybe this weekend I'll find my way back over in that part of town and will check out some of those new places.

After my quick "tour" got back on US-90 and proceeded eastbound, back to Biloxi. Another beautiful drive. Fall/spring is definitely a nice part of year to own a convertible...
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