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Wow...yes you make the right decision, that whole story made my head spin. Smart man.

So Charlotte and high prices. Well I'm not sure, there aren't a lot and that might be part of it. The other thing might be that both Hendrick and Paramount (in Hickory) ask top dollar for used ones and maybe folks base their prices off of that...really don't know. I think I over paid for my 2000 'S' back in Nov 2010 but I got a bullet proof car so in the end it was worth it. I have noticed just recently with the new 991s and 981s on the market that Hendrick dropped their used prices a bunch.

Oh I meant to tell you that **************************************************** is selling 987 floor mats for $39 and two sets for $49. I got two sets of Sand Beige. I posted the second set for sale but really don't care if I sell them...for the $10 extra I paid for them I'm sure I'll find a use. But if you need new ones check out SunCoast.

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