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Originally Posted by MNBoxster

IMHO, I think a Detector makes one feel more secure and therefore more likely to exceed the Limit. Eventually, this is gonna catch up with you.

I also believe that you seriously hamper any ability to reason with the Cop, or a Judge, if they see a Detector hanging off your windshield - give the impression that you intend to exceed the Speed Limit. I've spoken with several Cops and State Troopers who've said that they would never give a break to a guy with a Detector...

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I actually did get out of a ticket (40 in a 25) with my Passport 8500 X50 still up on the windshield. I got tagged with a handheld laser by a cop hiding behind a bush in someone’s driveway – no time to react. I made things easy on the Police officer and he let me off with a $40 ticket for the detector obstructing my view!

Also, I have used detectors for years and feel that they can be very helpful if you know how to use them. They don’t give you a license to drive like a complete tool, but they do allow you to push the envelope a little further.

These have worked pretty well for me over the years:

- never drive more than 15 MPH over – so there is still plenty of time to slow down and you don’t stick out like a sore thumb.
- never be the fastest car on the road
- if your detector gives you an alert and then quickly goes silent, slow down anyway. There is likely a Cop ahead using instant on who just clocked someone else. Your turn will be in about 20 seconds.

Above all, be safe!

I firmly believe that traffic enforcement in this country is much more about revenue generation that safety. In almost all cases, a sober driver who is paying attention and operating equipment as fine as ours can drive in excess of the posted speed limit in good weather conditions without endangering anyone.

If the Police were truly concerned about enhancing safety, they should focus on targeting following distance, lane discipline, and driver inattention such as cell-phone use.
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